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President’s Message

Chris Bouchard, was elected as the 2020 – 2021 President of MHA.

Happy Spring, Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! I hope that everyone has managed to stay healthy over the winter and is looking forward to spring and summer as much as I am now that the nice weather has arrived. I have cabin fever worse than ever this year and look forward to life returning to normal, if such a thing still exists. Fingers crossed. As spring arrives, so too does the ground hog and Chapter 90 letters which came early this year.  The funds are greatly appreciated (even though the letters stated FY2020.  I thought we were getting extra funding…sorry no extra.) Now is the time to let our elected officials know that a timely release is much needed so that we can get an early start to the construction season that has been hampered over the past 12 months due to COVID. We also need to keep focused on promoting a multi-year bill with increased funding for Chapter 90 as this is what will make a difference in improving infrastructure long term. There is a need to promote that Chapter 90 funding is a twofold win-win situation – local infrastructure gets improved which makes mobility better. It supports and grows the LOCAL Commonwealth economy as this money is spent with contractors and suppliers right here in Massachusetts, employing residents who are taxpayers right here. Public Works employees are now eligible for COVID vaccinations which will hopefully help ease anxiety and the unknowns that we have faced while continuing to do our work over the past year. Read more by clicking here.

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