President's Message

President’s Message

Chris Bouchard, MHA President 2020 – 2021

Hello Members

I hope this letter finds everyone well and ready for some nice spring weather days to enjoy. It is nice to be back to normal with in person meetings, seeing people without masks on. The past two years have seemed like it has been the movie “Groundhog Day”. As I write this message, I realize this is my last President’s Message. Two years seems to have gone by very quickly as president of the MHA. I have been very lucky to have worked with a great board of directors on a lot of important topics / projects during these two years. I am excited that we have the annual meeting planned for May, the program committee has put together a great program and the MHA Board is busy planning the rest of the years events as scheduled on the calendar. The New England Public Works Expo committee has been working extra hard, and they have a new location for this year.

I hope to see you out at our events this year. We need to continue to work with our elected officials on the importance of the Chapter 90 program and how this helps all Cities and Towns. It is great that Governor Baker has filed legislation for $200M in Chapter 90 funding for FY23 and he has also filed a supplemental budget with an extra $100M for Chapter 90 and an extra $100M in winter road repairs funding, Thank you Governor Baker. We need to get the Legislators to also support and approve this important much needed funding for roads and bridges for this year and send it to the Governor desk to be signed and released.

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