President's Message

President’s Message

Lisa DeMeo, MHA President (2022-2023)

We’re baaaack!!

We have all made it through the pandemic (so far) and life and work are beginning to be familiar again. Meetings still have a virtual component but most gatherings are in person again. It feels so good to see colleagues and shake hands, or hug. Physical interaction feels like a reward for the last two years.

The technology that was installed, and we all had to learn how to use, kept us in touch and learning. It was not as satisfying as in person meetings but it allowed us to keep moving forward. And now that same technology is helping us stay connected when travel time will not fit into your calendar. Hybrid meetings with virtual links are becoming common and sometimes a helpful option.

There are events planned across the state with in person offerings. Please take advantage of these opportunities to catch up with friends and colleagues and learn what is going on!  Bay State Roads always has a variety of relevant course offerings available; please check their website for current availability.

Keep an eye on the MHA calendar online for the latest scheduled events from all the county highway associations.

November 5     NBM Gala in Norwood

November 15   MHA/Tri-County Meeting in Chicopee

November 15   Worcester County General Meeting location TBA

November 16   NBM Snow & Ice Meeting

November 17   Plymouth County Assoc. Meeting

December 1      ECHA Fall Technical Meeting in Andover

December 1      Barnstable County Meeting

January 20        MMA Annual Meeting Boston

February 2        MHA Winter Meeting location TBD

I hope all have a healthy and safe holiday and winter season.

Lisa E. DeMeo, P.E., Town of Salisbury DPW Director




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