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2021 MHA Scholarship applications are now available

The Massachusetts Highway Association Trust Fund Trustees are pleased to announce the availability of college scholarships for Massachusetts Highway Association members and the children or grandchildren of MHA members.  The Trustees shall carry on this annual tradition and look forward to receiving applications from qualified students.

Members as well as children and grandchildren of active, life, and associate members of the MHA may be eligible.  Members who have belonged to the MHA for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years prior to the closing date for scholarship applications and who are in good standing with the MHA shall be eligible to file applications for scholarships.  Members having the same aforementioned eligibility may sponsor their children and / or grandchildren for a scholarship during the application process.

Additionally, applicants shall be enrolled at either a four-year or a two-year accredited degree granting college or graduate school.

The scholarship award program is under the direction of the Massachusetts Highway Association Trust Fund Trustees who are responsible for screening the applicants to determine their eligibility.  The Trustees establish the total amount of money to be awarded for scholarships for each yearly period and shall set the amount that may be awarded to each applicant.

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MHA Mutual Aid – Fall 2020

By David Lane, MHA Secretary

The schedule to get the Public Works Mutual Program up and running has been pushed back by
the Covid-19 pandemic. We were hoping to have everything fully up and running by now, but we
are still a few months away. I will try to give everyone a quick update on where we currently stand.
Our committee is once again meeting in person. It was difficult to try to get everything done
only with virtual meetings. The tablets have been purchased and issued to all County Mutual Aid
Coordinators (CMAC’s). The GIS online platform is being turned over to MassDOT. The team
at GEODOT is helping us with refinements and a few additional features to help it work more
We are scheduled to begin training the CMAC’s with tabletop exercises in November. We hope to
provide additional information to the entire MHA at the Joint Tri-County MHA virtual meeting
scheduled in November. Additional training and information will be provided to the entire MHA
membership in the near future. We will send notices through your county organizations. Look for
them in the near future.

Massachusetts Highway Association
Appreciation Awards

The Massachusetts Highway Association recently presented the 2020 annual Appreciation Awards to those who have helped the organization:
• Francis Granger Award: Scott Crisafulli
• John Kiley Vendor of the Year Award: Mike Myers, TEC
• Past President Award: Dave Desrosiers
• MHA Appreciation awards:
Neil Andres
JC Marketng
Todd Korchin
Jim McGonigle
Ed Urbansky

HB2317, An act providing fair and equitable line of duty death benefits for public employees.

You may see the Bill information here

Section 100A of Chapter 32 is hereby amended by striking subsection (c) in its entirety and replacing it with the following:

(c) The killed in the line of duty benefit shall be a 1-time payment of $300,000 to the family of a deceased public employee. As used in this section deceased public employee shall mean any public employee working for state or county government, a Massachusetts public higher education institution, a municipality, public school department, or public school district or public authority who, while in the performance of his/her duties and as a result of incident, accident or violence, was killed or sustained injuries which were the direct and proximate cause of his/her death.

Section 100A of Chapter 32 is further amended in subsection (d) by replacing each occurrence of the words “public safety employee” in this subsection with the words “public employee”

Section 16 of Chapter 15A is hereby amended by inserting after the word “corrections officer” the following words: – any public employee working for state or county government, a Massachusetts public higher education institution, a municipality, public school department, or public school district or public authority.