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Trust Fund Trustees Scholarship
Program 2021

The Massachusetts Highway Association Trust Fund Trustees endeavor to consider each scholarship applicant in a fair and equitable manner. In order to provide a fair and equitable process to all the following instructions must be followed. The adherence to these instructions will be used by the Trustees in consideration of each application.

1. Members as well as children and grandchildren of active, life, and associate members of the MHA may be eligible. Members who have belonged to the MHA for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years prior to the closing date for scholarship applications and who are in good standing with the MHA shall be eligible to file applications for scholarships. Members having the same aforementioned eligibility may sponsor their children and / or grandchildren for a scholarship during the application process.

2. Applicants shall be enrolled in an undergraduate program at either a four-year or a two-year accredited degree granting college. Applicants who have been accepted into such a program for the upcoming school year may also apply.

3. Applications must be fully completed and shall include relevant documentation of class standing, SAT scores and GPA.

4. Completed applications must be submitted on time and on the current application form to be considered. Applications must be received by:

David B. Lane, Secretary,
Massachusetts Highway Association,
P. O. Box 2004,
Danvers, MA 01923

no later than March 5, 2021.


5. Along with the application, the applicant is required to submit a short essay (approximately 200 words) outlining his/her interests, goals, and achievements.

6. A brief statement of need is required.

7. A brief letter of recommendation from a teacher who has personal knowledge of the applicant is required.

Thank you for following these instructions.

Best wishes in this application process and in continuing your education.

2021 Application

Click here for the 2021 MHA Application for Scholarship Aid


2020 Scholarship Winners

MHA Awards 27 Scholarships for 2020

The Massachusetts Highway Association awarded 27 scholarships in 2020.  It was disappointing that we were not able to honor these hard-working students in person at our Annual Meeting; however, the MHA Trustees did their work to evaluate all of the applicants and recommend the awards to the following students:

Emily Roberts (Aldo Bartlett Award) , Anthony Crisafulli, Jacob Colson, Kristen Carriero, James Collins, Patrick O’Regan, Mia Russell, Julia Russell, Elsie Buckley, Shelby Scarborough, Samuel McGown, Mary Tonaszuck, Alexis Nastasia, Samuel Stencel, Alex Stencel, Micah Kashi, Julia Fitzgerald, Sarah Fitzgerald, Andrew Langley, Ian Noyes, Meghan McGonagle, Connor Woodsmall, Brandon Hooper, Brooklyn Pratt, Matthew Bagley, Elise Maynard and Kevin MacDonald Congratulations to all!

Award of Scholarship

Successfully applicants and / or their sponsors are expected to attend the MHA Annual Meeting to receive their scholarship award. The award of scholarships to successful applicants will be made at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Highway Association held in May. The scholarship awards will be paid directly to the student upon proof of eligibility as established by the Board of Trustees


Application for Scholarship Aid