Driver Skills and Safety Training Event

Snow Plow Roadeo

Driver Skills and Safety Training Event (aka Snowplow Roadeo)
Massachusetts Highway Association Driver Skills and Training Committee
The Driver Skills and Training Committee is sending out a survey to try and grow the event with increased participation. We need your help to set the date and location for this year. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below.
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Christopher Bouchard
Driver Skills Chair

Written by Chris Bouchard and Dave Desrosiers – Co-chairmen

MHA held its Driver Skills and Safety Training (Snowplow Roadeo) on July 26th, 2017 at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area under great weather conditions at a great location. This year, the competition included the single axle truck event and a wheel loader event. We invited all county highway associations to participate in the one event to make the event larger, more competitive and build comradery among all the competitors. We set the courses up the same way as the national finals, and removed the written test. MHA and county associations have some of the best vehicle pretrip vehicle inspectors, loader operators and snowplow drivers; your cities and towns should be proud, as they have trained you well.

MHA Roadeo results Single Axle Truck:

1st place: Town of Milford, Chris Butler and Jimmy Charzenski
2nd place: Town of Shrewsbury, Chad Morin and Tim Beall
3rd place: Town of Dalton, Terren Vogal and Glen Davis

Wheel Loader: 1st place: Town of Shrewsbury, Chad Morin
2nd place: Town of Mendon, Paul Marvelle
3rd place: three-way tie – Town of Shrewsbury, Tim Beall; Town of Plainville, John Fernandes; and Town of Oxford, Josh Raymond

National Roadeo results:

Single Axle truck:

Town of Shrewsbury, Chris Butler and Jimmy Charzenski, finished 18th out of 45 teams Wheel Loader:
Town of Shrewsbury, Chad Morin finished 16th out of 61 teams

Motor Grader:
Town of Granby, Dave Desrosiers finished 24th out of 35 teams.
Town of Becket, Christopher Bouchard finished 1st out of 35 teams MHA

We would like to thank all the teams and the cities and towns that you represent for your participation, as well as the cities, towns and vendors that send judges. We would like to thank our vendor sponsors this year: Patriot Freightliner / Western Star and Schmidt Equipment. We traveled to the Western Snow and Ice Snowplow Roadeo National Finals in Loveland, Colorado on September 27th through 29th. The teams participated in the snowplow roadeo events and attended some of the workshops offered at the three-day event. One difference this year at the national finals was all new courses for all events. The teams representing Massachusetts finished very well. Future national finals will be held in Loveland, CO. These teams competed against the nation’s best snow and ice operators, great job and congratulations on your accomplishments. Also, congratulations to the Maine DOT team who finished 1st in the single axle truck event at the National Finals. Good job. This event would not be possible without the help and support of the MHA Board of Directors and members. Over the winter, we will be working to take this event to an even higher level and will need your help to accomplish that task. If you would like to help, send Chris or Dave an email or give us a call and we will put you to work.

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